Promiseland Show Band
Shane, Al, Harry, Kathy, Dwight, Tammy, Keith, Lynn, and Josh
Dwight Icenhower and the Burnin' Love Trio: Kathy,
Lynn, and Tammy
About: The Promiseland Show Band
The Promiseland Show band is comprised with an ensemble of endless  talent. Although the Promiseland Show Band
has not been together all  that long, they are a crowd favorite and have quickly become a crowd favorite, gaining a larger
fan base at each show. In November of 2006, the band played with DJ Fontana, Elvis Presley's drummer for many years.
During that same show the Sweet Inspirations joined the Burning Love Trio

About the members:
Josh Waters – Lead Guitar/Vocals: A student of the “Old School  Sounds, this 25- year-old has experience beyond his
years and it shows  when he is on stage. He spent several years backing up one of the  South’s top Blues Brothers
tribute groups before signing on with Lou  Vuto at his Gatlinburg, Tennessee Theater.

Al Babyok - Played piano since age 4 and guitar since age 10.  Began  professional career in bands at age 14. He studied
music at the  University of Connecticut and privately for 7 years. al has received  musicianship awards for 3 consecutive
years at the Berklee Jazz  Festival. In 2004, Al toured with Scotty Emerick on Toby Keith's "Big  Throwdown" Tour. In
2003, he played with Ken Mellons at several  fairs, clubs, and had two TV appearances. Al has opened for country music’
s top acts including: Toby Keith,  Reba McIntire, Lonestar, Terri Clark, Marty Stewart, Trick Pony, John  Michael
Montgomery, The Gatlin Brothers, Gene Watson, Josh Turner,  Lynn Anderson,and Tammy Cochran.
He is able to play many styles of music including country, rock,  jazz, and classical. Able to compose and arrange music,
write lyrics,  sing and arrange harmonies, read music and charts, and play by ear.

Harry Gorrell —Harry  is the bass singer and rhythm guitarist. He has  several years experience with local bands and has
come in contact  with some of the top entertainers in the business. He has learned  from them, not only the music, but
more importantly, he has paid  close attention to the things that please the fans. His recipe for a  successful performance
is have fun, let people know you love what you  are doing and do your best to see people go away satisfied.

Shane Henthorne— Shane hails from Marietta, Ohio.  His first love  is music and he thinks Merle Haggard should be
President. He puts his  heart and soul into playing the bass guitar. He is also an  accomplished guitar player but would
rather play the bass. Although  this is his first real job with a working band, he plays like a  veteran. His knowledge and
his input has proven to be a very valuable  asset.

Keith Weber— A Chester, Ohio resident, Keith is the kind of drummer  every band dreams of. His natural talent and his
never ending humor  is a great morale booster for the band. In his earlier years, Keith  played with some local groups.
He has come out of retirement after  taking time off to raise his family and as become a very crucial  ingredient for the
success of the group. There is never a dull moment  around Keith and whether on stage or at rehearsal, his light-
and easy going disposition makes the hardest of jobs easier.

About:  Burnin’ Love Trio
The "Burnin' Love Trio" has an interesting history: the group was  formed through a fluke. Dwight and the band were
trying out a new  keyboard player in the girls' hometown of Versailles, Ohio. They came  to the Versailles High School
music room to rehearse one Friday night  in September  2005 on their way to a gig in Michigan.
Lynn had always bragged up Dwight and the Promiseland Band, so she  invited her friends to stop by and listen. Kathy
took her up on the  invitation... Having just come from a great Versailles football game,  Kathy was revved up and
started dancing to the guys' music. Pretty  soon, Lynn and Kathy had jumped to the back of the band and began  adding
back-up vocals and choreography as the band rehearsed.
Although these two were only goofing around, Dwight and the band  liked the addition! Dwight's comment was, "That's
what we need! Back- up singers!" The group tried to convince the girls to join them the  next day on their trip to
Michigan, but Lynn and Kathy didn't think  they were serious.
At the end of the night, Dwight said to Lynn, "Promise me this: if  you're ever down at your mom's (Meigs County),
you'll come sing with  us." Lynn agreed, but still didn't think it could ever happen until  Harry Gorrell (Lynn's stepdad)
called that following Monday, saying,  "Dwight talked about having you girls sing all weekend. He seriously  does want
you to sing. Will you do it?"
The rest is history. Lynn asked Tammy Hartzell, a long-time singing  partner, to add the alto to the group, and the trio
was born.

About the members:
Tamala Hartzell
Tammy started performing in the 4th grade and has  gone on to perform many theater roles, including
"Mae Peterson" in  Bye, Bye, Birdie, "Joy" in Cinderella, and "Miss Hannigan" in Annie.  
Tammy is also active as a wedding singer around the Versailles, Ohio  area and was lead singer for The Misty Blues
Band while she was in  college. In the 1990's, Tammy formed a female quartet called "Off the  Staff" with another BLT
member. Also a director for community theater  shows, Tammy studied theater in college. Currently working as an  
Activity  Director Certified for the Versailles Health Care Center,  Tamala has two daughters, Kim and Crystal and states,
"Singing back-
up for Dwight is a dream come true!"

Kathleen Magoto
Kathy's first performing experience was as a  sophomore in Russia High School's plays. She has also
performed in  the community show choir Rhythm Company, and has been taking dance for  the past four years. Kathy
has performed the role of "Sister Robert  Ann" in Nunsense and "Mrs. Potiphar" in Joseph and the Amazing  
Technicolor Dreamcoat, all with Towne & Country Players in  Versailles, Ohio. In high school, Kathy sang with a trio
school concerts. Little did she know she would one day sing with "The  Burnin' Love Trio" and Dwight Icenhower!
Kathleen has degrees in  business management and data processing, and now owns "House of  Flowers and Gifts" in
Versailles. She is married to the town's  postmaster, Steve Monnin. Kathy says, "Dwight is destined for great  things,
and I'm just thrilled to be a part of it."

Lynn Blakeley
Lynn got her start on stage at Gallia Academy High  School, where she was active in the band, choir,
show choir and  musicals. Lynn's theater experience includes "Sister Amnesia" in  Nunsense and "Anita" in West Side
Story, as well as a few  professional shows, most notably Eden on the River, performed on  Blennerhassett Island. Lynn
is a former member of the female quartet  "Off the Staff" and has performed at numerous weddings, both as a  singer
and an accompanist. A graduate of Ohio University, Lynn holds  a degree in music and is currently the Choral Director
at Versailles  High School. Lynn and her husband, Tim have two young children,  Brooks and Tessa.